What is a Performance Search Engine Marketing Agency?

  • We pay for the advertising.
  • You pay us only for the sales and leads generated.

Why imwave

  1. Expertise: 17+ Years of search engine marketing experience.
  2. Trustworthy: Ask around. We are trusted by and work with some of the world’s top brands.
  3. Incremental Sales: We work with you and your team to insure we are driving incremental sales and not cannibalizing your own efforts.
  4. No Site Changes: Our campaigns and in-house technologies leverage your existing affiliate program’s tracking solutions so you do not have to install additional tracking codes on your site.

Some Past Results:

Delta Airlines
63,324 | Tickets Sold

$1,800,000 | In Sales

West Jet
$46,000,000 | In Sales

What We Do

imwave builds, manages, and funds the search marketing campaign.

How We Do It!

Sales and/or Leads are tracked through your existing affiliate program’s tracking system.

Whats Your Benefit!

You only pay for the sales and leads that are generated.

About imwave

imwave, inc. is one of the leading performance search marketing agencies in the industry, focusing primarily on building and launching effective pay-per-click search engine keyword marketing campaigns where imwave pays for the marketing expenses on behalf of companies who pay commissions for the sales and leads generated. imwave has served over 6 Billion ads and generated over 150 Million leads to our clients web sites. We have invested more than $25 million in search engine advertising for our partners and have generated over $300 Million in sales for our partner’s companies.

imwave is a new kind of search engine marketing agency. Working on a performance basis, enables us to focus on building long term win-win relationships with our clients who, because we are paid on performance, are often able to budget our efforts as costs of goods sold, rather than typical advertising expenses.


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