Questions Your Search Team Probably Has

Here is a good Q&A we recently had with a potential partner who was talking to their internal search team or agency about the possibilities of using Imwave to help drive incremental sales for their business. We are posting this as a helpful guide to the types of questions typically asked, and our typical responses.

Question: How do you determine which keywords we DON’T bid on? We have an extensive keyword list in our campaign.

    Answer: We do our own keyword research and analysis to look for keyword opportunities. Some partners ask us to set a specific maximum bid price (bid cap) to insure if there is an opportunity for overlap that Imwave’s ads don’t display. Otherwise, we typically get a select list of negative exact match terms from our partners. These are typically the branded terms they know they have 100% budget for and are being displayed by the search engine 100% of the time.

Question: You will be using our display URL?

    Answer: Yes, this insures we don’t bid up your CPC costs and only show when you are not being displayed.

Question: We do not feel comfortable sharing a list of our keywords just like you won’t share your list with us.

    Answer: We don’t require your list of keywords. If you want to provide a list of some select terms for us to add to our campaign as negative exact match terms, that is your choice.

Question: Our campaigns run all the time, so only if Imwave plans to go after long-tail terms could this be a supplement to our traffic

    Answer: We look for terms you are not on to drive incremental business without affecting your internal campaigns. We are typically able to find areas of opportunity.

Question: What is the commission rate you are asking for?

    Answer: We ask for the highest commission rate you can afford to pay during the test period to give us enough room to be bid on and test the largest set of terms possible.

Question: What is your average CPC (Cost-per-Click) so that we will not get outbid?

    Answer: Average CPCs vary by partner and keyword set. If you want us to set a maximum bidcap to insure that we don’t overbid you, than that is a price you can provide to us based on the average CPCs of your campaign.

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