At imwave, we field a lot of the same questions during our many conversations with current and potential clients. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions:

Where do you market to your clients?

We generate most of our traffic from the top three search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. We also run and continue to experiment with advertising on secondary search engines.

How do you track sales and leads?

Although we are open to exploring sales and lead tracking solutions that a new partner might be using, we have found great success utilizing some of the established 3rd party performance tracking companies/networks like CJ, LinkConnector, Partnerize, Awin, Rakuten, Avantlink, Shareasale, Pepperjam, and others.

How do you choose new partners?

We are quite selective about which new opportunities we will take on, please review our new partnership guidelines to better understand what we look for and how we look at new partnerships.

What technology do you use to optimize your PPC campaigns?

imwave has built our own keyword tagging and PPC optimization technology called bidminer. By running all our campaigns through bidminer, we are able to better understand exactly what keywords are working, how much to bid on them, and when to turn off un-profitable terms.

How does imwave work with my non-performance based SEM Agency?

As a performance search engine marketing agency, imwave typically earns a percentage of any sales generated by our efforts. This percentage is typically a specific pre-negotiated cost per acquisition and applies to either sales or leads. A typical SEM agency charges a percentage of search ad-spend. Because our model is different, it means that the search efforts of typical SEM agencies rarely overlaps with our efforts, resulting in incremental sales growth for our partners.

Please contact us if you are interested in working with imwave as your performance search marketing agency.